Code Coverage Integration in CLion


Hello all,

I just have what I hope is a very quick question: Is there any kind of code coverage integration in CLion? I've been looking around the internet and I have not found any mention of it. I am afraid I am simply missing something. I can always use something like gcov, but I was just wondering if there was some tool that was very well integrated into CLion or whether there was functionality in CLion for reading gcov (or other code coverage/profiling tool) output.

Thank you in advance.



Hi Eugene.
It's not implemented in CLion yet.
We have the feature request about Valgrind integration:
Feel free to comment or upvote.


Oh OK. Thank you very much!


It would be great to have a source code editor window and summary window integration like that one provided by this package for the Atom IDE.


I've got my cmake code coverage working very well with gcovr, it produces html reports for me.  It'd be great of clion supported this!


We have the feature request about Code Coverage support: Please comment or upvote.