Intellij IDEA 13: La Clojure unusable

Good morning

I'm currently trying out the new IntelliJ IDEA 13 (release version, build UI-133.193), and I found that La Clojure shows some very strange behavior and seems to be completely unusable right now.

I already used La Clojure with Intellij IDEA 12 (where the plugin was working fine), so I expect the latest version of the plugin (and the IDE) to be like the previous version.

For instance, I just cannot get a Clojure REPL up and running inside the IDE. When I select Tools -> Start Clojure REPL, a new window/tab is opened at the bottom of the screen, but the usual Clojure prompt with its version info at startup is missing (instead I just get a ">" as prompt), and when I enter some simple but valid Clojure code (e.g. (+ 1 1)), I don't get any results/feedback. That said, clojure.jar (version 1.4) is listed as a dependency of the current module in the "Project Structure" dialog.
Also, other commands like "Load file in REPL"/the submenu "Clojure REPL" have disappeard from the Tools menu, but are still listed as items of the Tools menu in the "Menu and Toolbars" customization dialog. Also, the corresponding keyboard shortcuts are still listed in the settings under Keymap -> Plug-Ins -> La Clojure. However, using some these shortcuts triggers completely different actions...

As said before, I'm using Intellij IDEA 13 Ultimate UI-133.193 (currently with an evaluator license) on Windows 8.1 64 bit, with Java 7 SE u45 64 bit as the current project SDK. I installed La Clojure using the built-in dialog to install plugins from the plugin repository.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me (maybe I'm doing something wrong) or fix these bugs.




Current version is incompatible with IntelliJ IDEA 13 final.
This is already fixed (thanks to contribution), I'll upload new build to plugin repository soon. Sorry for inconveniences.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


Alright, just updated the plugin, and its working now. :)

Thanks for the prompt answer and update.


I'm not having any luck with this, either, in 13.

La Clojure is checked in the Plugin list, version 0.7.61.  But if I point to a folder with a .clj project generated with lein, it's not recognized.  Also, if I try to create a project, La Clojure/Clojure is not listed as one of the types.

According to

, Intellij should recognize the La Clojure projects.  

It's more than just a difficulty writing or testing; I can't even get started, working with Clojure under Intellij 13.x.