intellij refuses to compile

i created a new project, a newfile, tied to run it using right click/run. i get this error message:

Clojure Compiler: The system cannot find the path specified, compiling:(C:\Users\hod\IdeaProjects\ClojureSandbox\src\experiments\MultiMethod.clj:1:1)

the file exists

the file content is
(ns experiments.MultiMethod)

(defmulti fac int)
(defmethod fac 1 [_] 1)
(defmethod fac :default [n] (*' n (fac (dec n))))
(print (fac 5))

any ideas?

i'm using intellij 12.1.4, windows 8. i have some files under ubuntu that work, and i don't see a difference

"compiling" an empty file works fine

edit: found it! in the settings, if i disable clojure compilation, i can run the file. so somehow, la clojure doesn't compile the files properly....