Ivy with la Clojure?

Has anyone had any experience with ivy as a dependency manager for la clojure?


Ivy works a treat.  Ensure you have the IvyIDEA plugin installed. If the default ivysettings.xml is OK, you need only provide an ivy.xml file with the basic structure, including the <info organisation="..." module="..." /> (be careful of the British spelling of 'organisation') and the dependencies.  MVNRepository, for example, has the dependency values for maven, ivy, grape, gradel and sbt.  Fialing that, there is a straightforward translation from pom.xml to ivy dependencies. Just add the ivyIDEA facet tot he project in the module settings, then from the rigt-click menu, IvyIDEA>Resolve for ... module.

If all goes according to plan, External Libraries>IvyIDEA will contain the dependency jars, and when the clojure console is started, those jars will by on the clojure classpath.