help needed to setup la clojure development environment

Is there an instruction, how to build/develop the clojure-plugin from the source using the latest IntelliJ Idea Ultimate edition (or community) ? I have cloned the source using "git clone git://" and then opened this project in IDEA X. I have pointed the IntellJ SDK to the IDEA installation catalog. However, I have problems running this as plugin since:

- there are 120 errors during compilation (such as "package com.intellij.codeInsight.javadoc does not exis" etc). Looks like the standard installation does not fit as the SDK?
- module libs "junit" are missing.
- the clojure-plugin has some external dependencies such as Clojure SDK. What should be there? clojure.jar + clojure-contrib.jar?  

Can someone guide me in this area?