All clojure actions disabled in fresh install of both IDEA 10 and La Clojure

Hi there!

I have a new install of IDEA 10 (10.0.1) with a new install of La Clojure (0.3.74) on Mac OS X (10.6.6).

When I create a new project and add a new Clojure file with e.g.

(defn foo [a b]
  (+ a b))

(defn bar [a b]
  (- a b))

All I can do is launch a REPL with the complete file. The menu Tools->Clojure REPL only has "Nothing Here" text and the "Enter Action Name" search shows some disabled Clojure actions.

So, all the "fun" stuff like "send s-exp to the REPL" etc is either gone or disabled in my IDEA! :-(

Does anyone have any idea of what is going on?



Per Møldrup-Dalum