Class 'myClassName' already exists in package 'myPackageName'

I suddently started facing strange issue while working on my grails application using IntelliJ. I have different domain classes and some other classes under src/groovy. When I move to some class to make some changes, I get error that this class already exists in package while I don't have. I tried to re-named it using re-factor but after that too I get the same error.
can anybody guide me that what's wrong there ? Or I did something wrong ?
Thanks in Advance :-)

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A package is a folder that holds class files. They can be used to organize your classes, interfaces, enums, etc. as opposed to just having one massive folder with everything in it. wakehealth login

// If you have some Groovy functionality that you would like others to use
// you either make the source code available or compile it into class files
// and package those up in a jar file. Some subset of your class files will
// define the OO interface to your functionality, e.g. public methods,
// interfaces, etc. Depending on the circumstances, various conventions are
// used to indicate this functionality including Manifest files, javadocs,
// deployment descriptors, project metadata and dependency management files.
// See 12.18 for an example.