This probably won't make it into the initial release, but I would really, really, really like support for no-SQL databases, in my case, specifically for MongoDB. RazorSQL has limited support for MongoDB that tries to shoe-horn it into a SQL/tables mindset. That's not the path I hope you take. RoboMongo is much, much closer to what I hope you guys can implement.

Regardless of whether you implement no-SQL support, this is a great idea for a product. I think you guys can easily create an awesome database development tool.


I completely agree.

While JDBC-based SQL support makes sense for the initial release(s), some support for querying non-SQL datastores would be very welcome in the future.
Mongo especially sees a lot of usage across the industry today, while the current tooling (RoboMongo) leaves quite a bit to be desired.



A commercial tool for MongoDB support from JetBrains would be amazing!


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As No-SQL data stores are becoming mainstream, DBE can support the popular ones like MongoDB and Redis. Our company is working on a product which has 3 data stores (MySQL, Redis and Mongo)  used for various aspects of the system. Right now we use different tools for different data-stores. It would be awesome if DBE could integrate with them so that we could administer all 3 stores from a single interface.

Some tools we use now:


There is a mongo plugin that works with other JetBrains IDEs. I don't see it listed in the plugins available to 0xDBE, but I know it's popular for IntelliJ IDEA:


This plugin looks interesting. Thanks :)!


Hi all,
Finally we are adding support for MongoDB to DataGrip!
You may install DataGrip 2019.3 EAP (early access program) and try out basic MongoDB functionality:

  1. Introspection. You can observe collections and fields in the database explorer
  2. Data viewer. Open any collection, apply filter, sort columns
  3. Query console. Write shell-like queries, select them and run it via Ctr/Cmd+Enter. There is currently no coding assistance and you can execute only limited number of MongoDB functions.


For more details follow


Is this for DataGrip only or is this going to be in IntelliJ as well?


Nino Dinatale,

It's supposed to work in all IntelliJ based IDEs.