syntax error reported if first line of class is a comment

This seems to be happening in many if not all of my Grails classes. If the first line inside class definition is a comment then IDEA/JetGroovy reports an error on the first character of the non-comment line. The reported error is: ',', '}' or new line expected

Here's an example:

class DeliveryController { // some comment def someService ... ]]>

The code works fine if I execute 'grails run-app' from the command line, and JetGroovy does not report an error if I reverse the lines, e.g. put the line with def before the comment line.

I'm using JetGroovy 1.5.16212.


Should be fixed now


Please, update your plugin from epository. In last release this issue was fixed.


yes, I had this problem also but after upgrading to the latest version it is now fixed :)