ant process fails to relinquish debug port


when I'm doing remote debugging on a grails app using port 5005 and the JDK settings that are suggested by the configurations editor when creating a new remote configuration.

when I run the ant target from IDEA the debugging works, but when I stop the process and restart the port is still in use. even if I stop IDEA the port is still taken.

if I leave it for an hour or so it seems to relinquish the port. if I run the ant target from the command line then stop it, the problem does not occur. (but I've had problems getting the debugger to work when running ant in a separate process.)

any ideas?

I'm on Selena 7821, Jetgroovy 1.6.16466, Sun jdk 1.6, Ubuntu hardy

thanks, best



it seems that IDEA doesn't manage to kill the ant process when asked to do so...

any way to ensure that this happens?