compile server not running

My Preferences has  a checkbox on 'Run compiler server' (using IntelliJ IDEA incremental compilation mode, but also with SBT), however, there doesn't seem to be any external Java process or anything listening to port 3200.

My main objective here is to make idea more responsive. Currently, each time I type in a few characters, CPU utilization goes through the roof for ~10 seconds, making work very slow. My Xmx setting is 2g.


Hi Ittay!

Compile server should be started on a first project make attempt. A "gauge" status icon should apper in the bottom-right corner:
However, the compile server is used only during project compilation and it's not related to code editing (unless "Settings / Compiler / Make project automatically" is turned on).

Please provide more configuration details (OS, versions of IDEA, Scala plugin, Scala, JDK). CPU snapshots might be very helpful.


OK, my mistake. I thought this is the service that is used by IDEA to parse the code for intellisense etc.

How do I go about diagnosing why IDEA behaves so poorely? The code is 300 lines of Scalding with supporting case classes and utilities (found in classes.scala and utils.scala)


Let's start from CPU snapshot:
You can create new ticket in our issue tracker:

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.