Running standard Groovy threads inside IntelliJ Idea

This may be a silly question but how do run e.g. GenerateAll.groovy or RunApp.groovy inside Idea? I've used Grails outside Idea but can't get these to work inside it!?

I have the latest versions of the Idea (7.0.3) and the JetGroovy plugin (15312).


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For generating see Alt-Ins/Grails menu; for running grails app just create grails run configuration (see run/edit configurations).



Hi Karel,

I've just finished my screencast, which explains exactly those kinds of things. For a sneak preview (before I publish it), you can check it out here

Don't worry, it's not an endless story: it shows the basic of how to create a Grails application with IntelliJ


Thanks - by the way I meant Groovy scripts, not threads!

The screencast from Erik answered most of my questions!

It's still not clear to me how the grails command parameters (e.g. in >grails generate-all) relate to the options on the grails menu. Is there a mapping between the Idea options and what you can do at the command prompt in grails? Or can you run these commands directly in Idea:

grails bootstrap
grails bug-report
grails clean
grails compile
grails console
grails create-app
grails create-controller
grails create-domain-class
grails create-integration-test
grails create-plugin
grails create-script
grails create-service
grails create-tag-lib
grails create-unit-test
grails doc
grails generate-all
grails generate-controller
grails generate-views
grails help
grails init
grails install-plugin
grails install-templates
grails list-plugins
grails package
grails package-plugin
grails plugin-info
grails release-plugin
grails run-app
grails run-app-https
grails run-war
grails set-proxy
grails set-version
grails shell
grails stats
grails test-app
grails upgrade
grails war


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Hi Erik,

This screencast was very helpful, thanks very much!
I've learned a few thing I didn't know
- there is a simple UML plugin
- how to run a grails application inside Idea
- Alt Ins gives you better menus than RH mouse button click

For people with no Grails this would be even more useful!

Best regards,


Hi Karel,

I'm glad the screencast was helpful. I'll publish it shortly!

I don't know if there's a mapping, but most of the 'alt-insert' things do a create-* (eg Grails Controller = grails create-controller).

The items in the toolbar however, use the generate-* versions. (eg Grails Controller = grails generate-controller)

A lot of the other commands are not executable from IntelliJ, but ofcourse you can execute them manually, or add them to the tools menu yourself:

press ctrlalts, n to define the external tools, and then use something like this:

Program: d:\download\grails\bin\grails.bat
Parameters: clean
Working directory: $ProjectFileDir$

This way, you can pretty much define everything you need.

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In our pipeline we have a feature to integrate grails console to IDEA. I mean the console where the user could type grails commands like 'grails upgrade' or 'grails install-plugin'. This will likely be available in the next version.


Hi Eugene,

Will this have support for the new 'grails interactive' mode?

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Yep, it will essentially use this new interactive mode.


Many thanks Erik,
I'm getting there :)


Looking forward to it - thanks!