JetGroovy 1.5.14891 -- Various painting problems on Mac OS X 10.4.11

Just installed JetGroovy 1.5.14891 into my IDEA 7.0.3 Build 7744. And there are strange painting problems happening. Bring up the settings dialog and there is a white space in the upper right corner of the dialog box and the buttons are missing. See the attached screen shot. If I click where the close button is it will be painted and can be activated. I've noticed similar problems in other dialog boxes.

Picture 1.png
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I belive this is not caused by jetgroovy.


HOwever, the painting problems did not surface until I installed the latest JetGroovy plugin. I removed the JetGroovy plugin and the problems went away. I've reinstalled the JetGroovy 1.5 plugin and now can not reproduce the problem. I did have 3 projects open in 3 separate frames at the time, 2 with pretty hefty memory requirements. But now I can not reproduce. Will post again if it happens again.