Multi-module project compilation

There are few modules in the project I work on. The modules are compiled in jar files (settings of web-project). To start server (grails start-app) or to collect war (grails war) I must place all of jar-s in a project/lib directory. It is a standard procedure with multi-module projects. Is it possible to automatize it somehow without a necessity of writing an ANT script? It would be remarkably to place all project libraries in a project/lib directory while compiling the project or module. I see it as a variant of choice in settings of web-project - "copy jar to grails/lib directory".

also during the compilation of multi module project I had a problem - Grails class uses Groovy class from other module, Grails has dependence from other module. However I got an error at "Rebuild Project", that class is not found. At ordinary build (Make Project - Ctrl F9) such error does not appear. Decision which I found is that I remove (comment) usages of class in Grails project and made Rebuild... after this I removed comments and made Make Project and all began to work.