Double-Click Bite in GSP Files Is Much Too Large


I'm finding double-click in a GSP file to be almost useless. It invariable selects far too much.

Can it be dialed down a bit?

Randall Schulz

Permanently deleted user

Does not it always select word then line? Or am I missing something obvious?


Not even close.

- Double-clicking whitespace outside of a tag selects the entire body of the tag, including all other tags nested within that body.

- Double-clicking (non-whitespace) text on a line without tags selects the word and everything to the left, all the way to the left edge of the line.

- If you double-click a tag name, the entire tag is selected.

- If you double-click an attribute name, the attribute name and its value are selected.

Just try a little double-clicking. Double-click is nearly useless because it over-selects so much.

Randall Schulz