New version is available via plugin manager

Hi All,

nwe've uploaded new version of JetGroovy plugin in plugin manager. The new features include:
-gsp support
-grails domain classes diagram
-numerous intentions (contributed by Dave Griffith)
-Flow sensitive type inference, i.e. in the code below types are inferred correctly for the second assignment:

def i = 0
i = "Reassigned to string"
def lower = i.toLowerCase()

Type information is also propagated through other control flow statements,

-generics are now taken into account in navigation and completion
-navigation to super methods and marking overridden methods in the gutter
-new errors highlighted in he editor
-navigation to library sources in groovy is supported
-numerouse bug fixes

The new build requires last IDEA eap 7269.



Thanks Eugene,
For some reason, debugging doesn't seem to work with this build (I'm on a Mac, if that's an issue). The debugger sails right through any breakpoints. Any one else seeing this behavior?



I'm seeing a similar issue, debugging is not working but there is no relevant source code found. This is with both debugging a grails app from IDEA and attaching remotely.

I'm running grails 0.6, jdk 1.5_12, IDEA 7 #7269, on XP.

I can't even debug groovy scripts anymore. Anyone else seeing this?


debugging works for me in Scripts but not in Grails closures.
(I needed to uncheck the 'make before run' checkbox)



Let me add some words about new version of Jet-Groovy plug-in.
It would be better to update it to today's (september, 11) version because of some bugs that had place in GSP formatter.


I've upgrade to the latest Selena & JetGroovy with no luck. I tried unchecking 'make' like Dirk suggested.

Any other ideas as it should work at least for scripts? I'm using #7274, .1687 JetGroovy, 0.6 Grails, and jdk 1.5_12.

thanks much.

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Well, I fixed several bugs here, but the problem still remains with compiler not generating correct line number table sometimes. For example in th following code:

class A {
def foo = {
print 0

def bar () {
print 8

line numbers get correctly generated for 'foo' closure, but not for 'A' class itself,
and calling getAllLineLocations() consequently fails with AbsentInformationException.