Very slow auto-completion and inspection with latest build

I'm using IDEA #7255 with the Groovy plugin from (dated 28th August 2007), and compared with editing Java, JavaScript, or even Groovy files (with the plugin version downloadable from IDEA's plugin manager), it's really slow.

For example, if I hit CTRL+SPACE or some other auto-completion feature, the whole IDE locks up for 10 seconds or so (often more). When the editor restarts inspecting the code (after a short idle period), it just seems to get stuck (the editor remains available but the inspection takes a very long time).

I'm working on very simple Groovy scripts in this sort of case, no more than say two screenfuls of pretty straightforward code, in projects with about 5 source files and no fancy metaobject protocol stuff going on, no external libraries, etc., and I'm using a fairly recent Windows XP machine with 2GB of memory and no other memory-hog processes.

It's getting to the point where I'm having to "unlearn" the productivity features of IDEA just for the plugin to remain usable!!! If it comes to that, I might as well use a plain text editor...

Is there something that can be done to improve this?


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Is there something that can be done to improve this?

Of course there is! Please post a CPU snapshot here, and I'll be more than happy to look at it.