word of thanks

Hi guys - just to say that although it's not perfect, the current latest (well that which runs on 12.1.1 anyway) scala + play version is really a pleasure to use. I find myself using the red bits as a substitute for bothering to try to compile. I know if it's red it (with a few exceptions) won't, and if it's not red, then the the compilation errors will be suble. There are no mysterious delays or any of the other things that plauged the earlier versions. This is way better than where we were a year ago and I just wanted to express my thanks for your efforts.


Thank you for kind words. I hope you will be able to say the same after one more year (even without such a few exceptions).

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.


Yeah, the code completion and syntax checking is great.   I just wish the worksheet was a little faster, but I can deal with it.



I couldn't agree more - the work that's been done on the Scala plugin is amazing.

I know the typesafe guys have put their efforts behind Eclipse, but the experience in IntelliJ is superior in nearly every single way. I really wish that somebody from Typesafe would help out and contribute to the IDEA plugin as well - I'd rather walk over broken glass than use Eclipse.

Anyways - thanks guys! I love the plugin, and you're awesome!