IDEA Test UI confused - plugin problem or somewhere else?

I'm getting:

Warning:  isn't test class.

in the Run/Debug Configurations panel. The software is confused. My test
class extends this trait:

trait AOFLTest extends AssertionsForJUnit with ShouldMatchersForJUnit
with TestData

so it clearly IS a test (and in fact, it runs in IDEA just fine).

Which project would I file this bug against?

Thank you,



Since going up to 116 I can no longer run any tests. The menu items are there for packages, but find no tests. No menu is presented within a test class itself. No plugin errors that I can find.


I downgraded back to 114 and build 396. Now I can run tests again.


Yes, indeed it does.


I added fix for
I'll upload new version with this fix for plugin manager today.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.