println and classOf[] are marked red unless prefixed with Predef

I noticed that predef methods like println and classOf are marked as red unless I explicitly put Predef.println() or Predef.classOf[].  For example, in this code there are two red tokens:

object Tester extends App{
  println("hello")                                   //println is red
  Predef.println(classOf[String])            //classOf is red
  Predef.println(Predef.classOf[String])  //no red code

the first println and the first classOf are marked in red.  Is this a problem for others?  How can this be fixed?  I am using IDEA 10.5.2 with Scala plugin 0.4.1440 on Win7 x64.

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It's known bug. Just try to find two instances of scala-library.jar in your dependencies and remove one of them, this will fix problem.

Best regards,
Alexander Podkhalyuzin.

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That worked perfectly!  You are awesome!  Thanks!