Unknown facet 'Scala'


i am having a big trouble, i think this was the latest plug-in update (no nightlies, just the one that shows up the in plug-in manager). every project i open now comes with this message

"Error Loading Project
Cannot load facet Scala (XYZ)"

and when i click on details:

"Would you like to remove facet 'Scala' from module 'XYZ'?"

no matter whether i choose yes or no, i cannot built any more, the build just finishes straight away without messages or errors. when i try to debug or run, there are no class files any more. if i open project structure -> facets, it still shows "Scala" (no matter whether i tried to remove it or not). but there are no settings when i click on scala.

my scala system hasn't changed (is 2.8.0 final in the place it always was). can i repair my scala facet somehow?

thanks for your help!

best, -sciss-


this seems to solve it:


To add Scala support to existing module:

  1. Right-click the module in Project View, choose "Add Framework Support..."
  2. Check "Scala" in technologies list (unavailable if module has Scala facet attached)
  3. Provide a path to Scala installation (if not detected)

Project configuration and facets were completely redesigned.

It's better to remove old-fashioned facets and configure the project according to this recommendations.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


I have the same problem. I removed the facet, then updated my maven. Facet appeared again and compilation/testing works.

However every time I start it says the facet could not be loaded and suggests me to remove it. I say NO and it works fine from there one.

I have stopped using this version because it is really slow for me.