IDEA is not highlighting syntax errors with scala plugin

Hello guys,

I've been working with Netbeans and scala for a while, but I was having some stability issues in my Mac OS, so I decided to give IntelliJ Idea a try.

I have a Lift (Maven) project and a single scala project. The scala plugin is installed correctly. In both projects I cannot make Idea to highlight syntax errors in the editor. It only shows me if I do not close a bracket for instance, but if I type this in the middle of the code: asfsfasdasdgasd, the editor does not shows me any error until the compilation.

I am doing something wrong I guess. Any ideas about what setting should I activate or change?

Thanks in advance,


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The plugin doesn't currently highlight this as error because it doesn't have 100% understanding of the type inference and implicit conversions, which may allow a method 'asfsfasdasdgasd' to be valid.

Perhaps it should highlight methods such methods with a warning, rather than a red error, in the meantime.