Deadlock Shortly After Plug-In 0.2.27245 Upgrade


I upgraded my Scala plug-in, relaunched IDEA and opened my all-Scala project. The first thing I noticed was that some names were not properly highlighted (they were black, not the color I'd assigned for them). I thought perhaps the Scala coloring categories had changed, so I wanted to open the Options dialog to check them out. As soon as I clicked on the Settings icon in the toolbar, IDEA deadlocked (would not respond or redraw any of its UI and one-per-second thread-dumps were being created). One of those thread-dumps is attached.

When I relaunched IDEA and reopened my project, the highlighting I'd previously noted as wrong was correct.

IDEA: 8.1.3 #9886
Java: Sun JDK 1.6.0_u15
OS: Linux; kernel:
GUI / Desktop: KDE 3.5.10
Distro: openSUSE 11.1
Arch: x86

Randall Schulz

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It's known IDEA bug (hardly fixed in Maia, because nobody can't to reproduce it stable), don't worry about this, it's not often.

Best regards,
Alexaner Podkhalyuzin.

And one more thing: This bug have workaround. If all fonts become black, don't go to color pages, just restart IDEA.

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