Inconsistencies between Specs/ScalaTest and JUnit run configurations


I've just raised SCL-1207 (Specs) and SCL-1208 (ScalaTest) to report the following inconsistencies:

In Specs/ScalaTest run configurations, I should be presented with the same test scopes as in the JUnit configuration:

  • All in Package
  • Class
  • Method

Similarly, I should be able to specify the following scopes when specifying how to search for tests:

  • In whole project
  • In single module
  • Across module dependencies


Right now, the most pressing issue related to SCL-952 is that running Specs/ScalaTest tests "on package" does not run tests located in sub-packages.

Thanks for looking into this.

Best regards,

Franck Rasolo


Hi Franck,

As far as specs is concerned, there is no equivalent of the "method" level since, examples are just method calls in the body of a class declaration.

On the other hand, it is possible to specify regular expressions for "systems" and "examples" to execute.