Planning on using IDEA mainly for Scala, buy v.8 or wait for 9?

Will the next version of IDEA have "better" support for Scala programming than 8? Is it possible to say?
I plan on using IDEA mainly for Scala as an IDE, but also some Java.

I have version 7, but it lacks decent Scala support I believe.

As a student, it doesn't cost me all that, but, alas the dollars are not in plenty.

Any thoughts on this?

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Both versions are same now.
But support for IDEA 8.0 will be stopped (not in the nearest future) and support for 9.0 will be better (due better IDEA API).
Now you can use IDEA 9.0 versions for free (use EAPs page, every EAP you can use 30 days), I think it's the best suggestion. After 9.0 release you can buy it if you like.
Also it's possible that plugin will be bundled into IDEA, but I'm not sure that it's neccessary (and it's not simple to bundle scala code into pure java project).

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Alexander Podkhalyuzin.