jinxed? With scala plugins I can't run JUnit tests in java projects

This may be related to my other issue - but simply by enabling the scala plug in, in unrelated java projects I an unable to run unit tests (eg control-shift-F10 on the mac) yet removing it and things are OK.

All this trouble only since I updated the scala plugin.

Any pointers - are there some caches I can blow away? (the project files I blew away and setup again, still the same).


Hello, Michael.

What test framework do you use?
If it's TestNG or Junit4, do you invoke run configuration on class or on package and what kind of behavior (error message, nothing happens) do you see?

With best regards,


Hi Ilya - yes sorry I put comments in the JIRA for that: http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/SCL-607 (feel free to close it).
The problem was that I had a mysterious "scalarunner" plugin, along side the "Scala" plug in - once I got rid of that I could run unit tests fine.

(I still need to have scala nature on all modules if I want to compile scala projects first though).