What do developers mean saying about "recompiler"? Is it some kind of own (Java parser and Scala compiler independent) parser?

I have met moments when editor "doesn't understand" Scala elements - Ctrl + mouse-over doesn't show a hover, element isn't highlighted proper way (say, case classes with parameters, some method calls...).

I'm not sure I must file issues for such cases because developers are aware of all these problems, and last ones will be resolved with that "recompiler".

Nevertheless, what is recompiler? :)

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It's not recompiler, it's decompiler. That is treating scalac-compiled classes as scalac treats them, not as java as we currently do. Indeed the issues with highlighting e.g. 'Map' is caused by this lack of understanding 'Predef' scala way. But of course it does not cover all the issues we have: we also don't have many more scala features implemented, like for example type inference, typing for comprehensions etc.


Ups... Re.. De.. :)