Create a custom IDE based on IntelliJ


I hava a doubt about the best and right away to implement and organize the developtment of plugins on Intellij.

I'm trying extend the intellij, the goal is to provide to my clients a new intellij (new IDE) with diferent features based on them bussiness.
As MPS and Android Studio, existing many IDE's based on Intellij and I want do the same, have my own IDE.

My main difficult is understand how to organize my developments. I started add new modules to the Intellij main project (community-main), but I realized that couldn't be the best choise.
Now, I build a new project (plugin projec), outside the intellij source code, and inside this plugin project, have sevaral modules.

- my-main-plugin (plguin project)
-- module-1 (module)
-- module-1.1 (module)
-- module-2 (module)
-- module-3.2 (module)

The module-1.1 depends on the module-1, and the module-3.2 depends on the module-2.

Is it good idea follow the example of MPS?

In the final i want do provide an IDE with my plugins installed.

Best regards,
Eduardo Costa



There are no strict rules :) Here's an issue listing some resources

The most important step is building a (mostly) finished plugin first and then start working on delivering a standalone IDE built "around" it.