rails app in subdirectory of main project folder?

so I have a project that has an ember front end and a rails back end..  I created a folder "foo" for the project.. this is the root of my git repo..   inside I have two folders: ember and rails.   I pointed rubymine at the top folder (foo) and it creates a new "project"..  but I cant' get it to recognize thje rails folder as a rails app..  (so I don't get any of the things like rails console, rails server..  rake tasks etc etc)..   I editted the project's .iml file and added the rails folder as a module (and added a rails.iml inside of it)..      still nothing..    is this possible or should I just switch back to VI?


Just open directory with rails project as a project in RubyMine and everything wil be ok.
In case you want to have both rails and ember code in one window you need to create project for both rails and ember, open one of it (e.g. rails) and after that
open the second onw in the same window with "add to opened project" option check.

Hope this helps, Oleg.