Rspec should & should_not displayed in different colours


In my specnamehere.rb file the method names should and should_not from Rspec are displayed in the wrong colours. should is red (the colour for ruby special calls) and should not is in white (I can't tell what it thinks this is).

Surely both are method names and should be in the method name colour? What is really annoying though is that they are different colours, and I cannot find where to change it.

PLEASE NOTE: I know how to change the colour scheme in settings/Editor/Colors & Fonts/. This is not the problem. The problem is that Rubymine is interpreting should and should_not as something other than method names, it seems to be interpreting one as a special ruby call.

Is there any way I can change this behaviour? I have been through the options and can't seem to find any setting that will help.

Many thanks to anyone that knows this and can share :)

EDIT: File attached is a PNG that should make this more clear.


Would any of the Rubymine team be likely to read this? I suspect it is a question that whoever wrote Rubymine would know the answer to.


Hi Kevin,

sorry for late response, it looks like I've missed you message somehow :(
It looks like a bug for me, could you please file it in our bug tracker (

Regards, Oleg.