Run rspec all specs in spec - only last test shown


I am running tests for the folder rspec. Running the tests individually works, but when I tick the box "All specs in folder" only the results of the last test in the folder are shown, even though I created a deliberate mistake in one of the other test scripts.

So it appears that although it runs all the tests, it only shows the final one.

Is this a bug?


Hi Kevin,

by design you see output of the test which is selected in "test results" tree, if you want to see whole ouput
you can select "Test Results" node in the tree.
Also to verify which test has been executed you can show all tests (use "Hide Passed" button in tests tool window).

Hope this will help you to verify what exectly has been executed.  If it turns out that some test were not executed
I'd suggest to re-check run configuration you use run the specs(Run|Edit Configurations...): it should has type RSpec and should specify
correct spec folder.

If everything looks fine for you, please, provide screenshot of the configuration window and whole output of rspec.
This will help to understand what is wrong.

Regards, Oleg.


Thanks, that is very useful - I think I have it working now. One thing I did do was create my own test in the definitions, though I had to do a lot of back and forth from other tests to get stuff like the environment variables correct.