Integrate CLion and Android NDK

Recently I've found CLion. I'm trying to configure it to work with Android ndk:

  1. I want it to use the ndk sources and headers.

  2. I want it to use the gcc and g++ compiler in the ndk.

  3. I want it to use my makefile and not cmake.

Couldn't achieve those three targets, hope you can help me :).

By the way I'm using android ndk r10e if it matters.


Hi Daniel.

CLion doesn't support Android development. Did you try using Android StudioAndroid Studio now provides C/C++ support for Android and jni development, based on CLion. You can find out more information in the video:


Hello Anna,

Thanks for your response, but I think I didn't explained myself very well.

Let me clarify my problem:

I want to write classic c/c++ code and compile it with ndk sources so it will run on arm architecture. I don't wanna write an android application, but a native daemon.

I'm looking for IDE which can be configure to use the c/c++ sources in the ndk.

Can I configure Clion to do so?


I think he means that he's trying to build a native binary (for use in Terminal apps) for android.


Apparently it can be done.

But a nice detailed *official* documentation would definitely be nice to have.