Change default remote push branch of the local branch


In Rubymine 4, when you want to push local commits to remote branch, push dialog is displayed,
and you cannot anymore select remote branched to which your commits will be pushed,
instead, rubymine decides for you to push to some default remote branch of your local branch.
For example: Pushing from local devl branch shows me:  devl --> origin/devl

My problem is that somehow that default got changed for local master branch and I always see:
master --> origin/devl

How do I change it, so it will be by always default: master --> origin/master



Hello Alex,

By default the push dialog suggests you to push to the tracked branch of the current branch.

So it must be that master is tracking origin/devl now.


And is there a way to change via RubyMine the "tracked branch" of the current branch?


No, because it is a not frequent operation.
You should do it from the command line or by manually editing .git/config


The proposed solution is sub-optimal. All branches are created from remote ones in my company, and every other company I've ever worked in. namely the remote master branch. All created branches track master by default which is stupid.


I have the same problem, and my teammates also. It's a good feature to select a default branch to push based on the current local branch name.


There's a corresponding request on our tracker so could you please add your vote there: