[ANN] - PHP plugin alpha


finally the php support plugin has reached a quite stable and quite useful state (i hope) to be announced.

What it can do:
it can search for all the classes in the project and complete their names, their methods and fields,
it can also complete variables and parameters,
it can rename those things (and you can always Preview the rename refactoring),
show implements/overrides icons for methods (up the tree) and subclasses (down the tree),
show parameter info for methods.

What it can't do:
resolve/complete functions and class constants,
process includes and requires,
format code

there're also just 4 inspections, two of which report that something was not resolved. You can always disable them (in the settings -> errors menu) if they annoy you, however if you think that something is reported wrong, please send me the code.

About code formatting and annoying exception:
there's one exception that you will see if you will use the plugin, it appears because i haven't implemented the code formatter yet and it will be gone when i do it (soon). If you can ignore it — ignore, if not — wait for the beta.

As you can see in the current state the plugin would be more useful for projects with many classes in lots of different files and autoload, compared to small projects with requires and functions and global variables.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Any feedback is appreciated.

I see that it's not for Diana(IntelliJ 8.x).
Why not?

Isn't this new IntelliJ version supposed to have improved support for other languages?



I want it to be available for Selena, because it's the current version.
And Diana has changed a lot so i don't have time to write for both.

I will switch to Diana of course when the plugin gains all the basic needed functionality for Selena.


Looking good.

Well done.