Glassfish does not see my web facet

I am using Glassfish 9.1 with IJ 7318. I have a facet declared, but the Deployment Source drop down box on the Deployment tab of the server configuration is empty. The message at the bottom of the screen says "Error: Deployment source (archive or exploded directory) for 'Web (.....

It looks like the problem is that it assumes that the jsp's are in a web directory. Mine are in webroot. I will move the files to the web directory and recreate the module to see if that helps.


That did not help, I still have an empty box. Any suggestions?


Have you configured your web facet to create a war? It seems you cannot currently use an exploded directory as a deployment source for Glassfish in IDEA.



Thank you, that was very helpful. I get the following when I start my server. Do you have a suggestion?

cmd /c C:\Sun\AppServer\bin\asadmin.bat start-domain domain1
Starting Domain domain1, please wait.
Log redirected to C:\Sun\AppServer\domains\domain1\logs\server.log.
Redirecting output to C:/Sun/AppServer/domains/domain1/logs/server.log
Domain domain1 is ready to receive client requests. Additional services are being started in background.
Domain is running with its configuration and logs at: .
Admin Console is available at .
Use the same port for "asadmin" commands.
User web applications are available at these URLs:
Following web-contexts are available:
Standard JMX Clients (like JConsole) can connect to JMXServiceURL:
for domain management purposes.
Domain listens on at least following ports for connections:
Domain does not support application server clusters and other standalone instances.

Disconnected from server


You're welcome; glad that helped.

That looks like the stock start-up message. I get the same on successful starts. server.log may have more useful information.



You are correct. I thought it was failing. Later in the day, I had to leave my machine. It did eventually indicate that the application was loaded. I found a kind of workaround for packaging files. I have the .war built in a directory, but I have the exploded directory built in the C:\Sun\AppServer\domains\domain1\applications\j2ee-modules\]]>

This allows my changes to immediately show up as if it was a normal exploded directory.