Duplicate entry error when deploying plugin

Basically, wrote a plugin. Makes OK. Try to run the prepare plugin for deployment action. Always get error that says
duplicate entry META_INF/MANIFEST.MF

followed by the absolute path to my plugin folder ending with a (non-existant) <MyPluginName>.zip

There is no MY_PLUGIN_NAME.zip file present in the absolute path referencedin the rror message, or anywhere else for that matter.

This is the stupidest plugin you can imagine,it does nothing and just exists to prove the process works.

Any help?


Do you have this file (MANIFEST.MF) in the source code of your plugin?


I did, thank you.  Any documentation you might know about aside from the older stuff about getting started with plugins would be great.

I tried to find where the error message was being created in the source of community so I could figure out what was happening. This is my preferred method for getting by sticking points, however, this time the only reference to "duplicate entry" outside of those in the test directories turned up only "com\intelij\updater\UpdateZipAction which, actually, is NOT included in the source code (red international "NO" icon next to the source in the projects view and on the tab etc etc ). In fact none of the updater directory is reckoned as being a part of the intellij source for some reason. This was a total mystery, do you have any insight into this?