[Ann] CodeDependency 1.4

Sixth and Red River Software is pleased to announce the release of CodeDependency 1.4. CodeDependency is a full-featured dependency display, analysis, and navigation plugin exclusively for IDEA 6.0. CodeDependency features ten different dependency visualizations, allowing you to view your code's internal structure at the class, package, module, and element levels, and see code snarls before they become a problem. CodeDependency 1.4 offers numerous usability and enhancements over previous versions, including two new graphs ("Show Related Packages" and "Show Related Modules", JSP file dependencies, export of all dependency graph types as either JPEG or GIF files, and documentation enhancements. CodeDependency 1.4 is available via the plugin manager. Licenses for CodeDependency can be purchased at http://www.sixthandredriver.com. A single-user license for CodeDependency is $39, and 14 day evaluation licenses are available.

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