Enable / Disble plug-ins per project

are there any plans to implement enable/disbale plugins (per project) in IDEA ? I think it's frustrating loading a bunch unneeded plugins for one project , while they are used in totaly different one.

If you can't support it, then I will migrate to VS Code.

+100500, I need to disable plugins every time when switching between work and pets projects. 2021 year and we dont have this feature... Oh JetBrains....


+1 on this.   We have a big mono-repo with both Scala and Java modules.   The scala plugin is so slow and interferes with everything and causes reindexing even by changing files outside the scala modules.   I want to have two projects for this repo - one with the scala plugin disabled and one with it enabled.



I understand it might be hard to have more instances of Intellij with different plugin configs, but then force user restart if needed.. Come on guys, this is really annoying and taking time 


Judging by the number of responses here, this year in 2021, I'd say the feature is relevant and needed now more than ever. I work on React projects (Jamstack) and projects for monolithic ecommerce platforms. The plugins dont make sense for the both since in some cases they are related to the monolith platform where we don't even use React. I should be able to use a single IDE across projects and only load the features I need for a given project.




Would like to be able to enable "NativeScript" plugin only for NativeScript projects.



By the way, I am surprised to see that that "Plugins" section is marked with the "Per Project" icon...


I already pay for Intellij Idea and use it for Java development - but for frontend development, I do not need Gradle, JPA Buddy etc... Also, I do not want to pay for a WebStorm license. I'm still evaluating VsCode for frontend development. Please implement this feature.


I think that at this point it has been proven beyond any doubt that this feature is relevant and usefull, and that it will bring a lot of value to the IntellilJ based IDEs family. It has already been thought of since I'm seeing a per project icon in the plugin settings section. So maybe we'll see it in the next 2022 release ;)


Yes, i need  to enable plugins per project. i work with different technologies php, java, React, Angular and having all the plugins enable by default frozen my computer and my IDE  is always restarting itself



I have few projects with Cucumber tests written in Java and a project with some Cucumber tests written in TypeSscript.

When both Cucumber for Java and Cucumver.JS plugins are enabled, only one of them (the one enabled later) can manage *.feature files, run Cucumber tests, find steps implementation, implement new steps etc.

So I end up with IDE asking me to implement all steps in JS in the Java projects or implement all steps in Java in the TS project. And I can't simly run tests using default run configurations, but I have to write my own run configurations or use mvn/npm etc.


I seriously can't believe this is still a thing 16 YEARS LATER! 😑


A Big +100 to this.

I am tired of enabling/disabling plugins based on project context. And every time I enable/disable plugin, I have to restart the IDE, which is another big pain.

Please allow storing required plugins in a file somewhere in `.idea` directory such that only those plugins will be enabled when in a given project is loaded. VSCode does it too.


With Github Copilot debut this issue got even hotter.


CoPilot, and other similar plugins, can present a major security issue because they can upload the contents of sensitive files to their respective APIs as part of their normal operations, possibly leaking credentials, vulnerability details and more.

I use PHPStorm for working on web apps, but I also work on pentest reports, some of which are very sensitive. I want CoPilot for PHP, but not for pentests. I don't want to train an unknown LLM with unpublished 0-days for it to suggest in other people's code!


I have some projects, where I can use AI code generatoin. 

But some customers don't allow to use it. 

I need to be sure, that soch plug-ins a disabled in sach projects 


A new use case. AI Plugins, that are simply not allowed to be enabled for some customer projects, but usable in others.