[ANN] IntelliTail 2.0

IntelliTail 2.0 has been released. It's tested on build #4155, but it should work on earlier versions to.

- Choose the number of lines to display.
- Pin a file down on a specific position.
- Advanced copy features (Press CTRL for rectangular selection).
- Filtering to display only matching lines, or don't display!
- L&F integrated with IntelliJ L&F.

  • Change colors and fonts through the IDEA color configuration.

  • Shift-Click on a tab to close it.

  • Shift-Mousewheel increases/decreases font size.


Had to upload a bugfix version because there was a serious issue when using the plugin with multiple open projects.


Got the following exception when opening the 'settings' windows without any opened project.


at com.intellij.openapi.project.impl.ProjectImpl.getName(ProjectImpl.java:225)
at org.intellij.plugin.tail.idea.TailPlugin.]]>(TailPlugin.java:60)
at sun.reflect.NativeConstructorAccessorImpl.newInstance0(Native Method)


Nice Plugin :)

I use it especially to display matching SQL-Traces out of my JBoss-Log file.
But it is hardly to select and copy lines/text out of the display result.

Can you make some improvements on this?

Thank you


Could you elaborate on that?

You want a simple way to select an entire line/set of lines to copy?
Or do you want keyboard shortcuts working?

Selection with mouse drag or shift left mouse click should work. Also ctrl mouse drag should work for rectangular selection.




Hallo BartCr

Yes, selection with mouse drag or shift left mouse click works.
But I cannot select the whole textarea that I want to copy.
The selection stops on the right side within the IntelliTail Panel if the mouse selector is reached the right window, but there is further more text unselected.

Maybe it is a XP or IntelliJ Problem.

To get a whole line I can select it do to move down with mouse drag.
But unfortunately not with the last line within the panel :(



Not XP's or Intellij's problem :(.

But it will be fixed in next release (Maybe today :) ).



2.0.3 is released.

CTRL-c performs copy action.
CTRL-a selects entire buffer.
Improved mouse drag selection. Autoscrolling when mouse cursor dragged outside text view.
Added line selection. Left mouse click in gutter select single line. Mouse drag in gutter selects multiple lines.
Fixed NullPointerException when opening Settings pane for Template project.
Fixed correct displaying of tabs (fixed tab width of 8 for now) in monitored files.
Fixed gutter width.


Another feature that I would like to see is the ability to select from a list of recently
tailed log files, associated with a project.

I don't always want to have my log files being tailed so I will often close them and want to
reopen them later.


Hello Bart,

Great plugin, it helps me a lot!

It would be cool if you add support for more keyboard hotkeys like:
- Home - go to beginning of the file
- End - go to the end of the file
- Ctrl-F - search in file
- Navigation by arrow keys + cursor to see current position in file - so
I will be able to select any copy any blocks of text from keyboard.

Andrey Eydelman