Properly Embracing Darcula In Custom Languages

So. I love Darcula. For my own custom language plugin now that it works for IDEA 12, what is the best way to support the Darcula theme out of the box?

I admit I haven't looked into this too much on my own. I know I can distribute color themes with my plugin, and I know I can adjust the base colors of my languages default color settings.

Generally, I know how to convert a color meant for a white background to a color meant for a dark one so it is at least readable. I could do something like this automatically - though I'd prefer not to.

Can I merge my colors into the Darcula theme?

What is the best way to handle this? In the past - I have left it up to the users, or I have gone and added support for Lua to public dark background IDEA color schemes like solarized and blue forest.