[Announcement] SmartCopyPlugin version 0.1 available

This plugin adds a variety of useful editor actions, enhancing the cut, copy, and paste functionality of IDEA with some actions familiar from other editing environments. New actions added are as follows.

Copy-Append: Copies the current selection (or the current line if nothing is selected), appending it to the contents of the current clipboard.

Cut-Append: Same as Copy-Append, but also deletes the selection.

Smart Copy: The first time Smart Copy is used, it acts like a standard Copy operation. Subsequent times, it acts as Copy-Append. Paste (including Paste Above) resets the action. This makes it easy to bundle up sequences of copies for one paste.

Smart Cut: Same as Smart Copy, but also deletes the selection.

Paste Above: Just like Paste (including auto-reformatting and auto-import), but pastes the contents of the clipboard into the line above the current caret position, rather than over the current selection.

The plugin is available at http://www.intellij.org/twiki/bin/view/Main/SmartCopyPlugin. Let me know what you think.