JBoss/Jetty integration plugin

Hi I'm trying to get started on writing a JBoss/Jetty integration plugin with the hopes of enabling JSP/Servlet and EJB debugging within the IDE just like with Tomcat.

Unfortunately the API docs are very thin, and mostly undocumented. Is there ANY chance that the IntelliJ team can make the Tomcat plugin src code available to us so we can see how they approached it? or perhaps some kind of quick tutorial to get started on this?

P.S. I also have interest in writing one for Resin and Orion, but I think someone else I spoke to wants to give the Orion plugin a shot.


Hi Robert,

You can find the complete source code for the Tomcat integration in src.zip contained in the
%IDEA_HOME%\tomcatIntegration_plugin\tomcatIntegration.zip file.

I have also been investigating the feasibility of an Orion integration recently. I am not sure that it would be as straightforward as I had hoped given that Orion does not seem to annotate the source code of the compiled JSP's while in development mode...

However, the good news is that OC4J does provide a switch (two in fact) for producing line number mappings between a JSP and the corresponding servlet source code. Therefore, porting the Tomcat integration to OC4J (9.0.3) should hopefully be relatively simple... Famous last words!

Good luck!


Folks I've got a good chunk of the plugin written, thanks to the tomcat plugin example. The two really aren't THAT different, there are just less settings with JBoss to worry about. Also it uses jasper for JSP compile & debug so I should be able to get that running too.

The problem I have right now is that the plugin just won't register. Not sure why. I am using the build.xml that came with the tomcat plugin, and it's creating all the proper files. I've edited the the plugin.xml to reflect the proper implementation class. I've quit and started IDEA... nothing.

The problem I'm also having is turning log debug on so I can see what the errors are. It seems that under version 666 (I JUST HATE THAT NUMBER FOR A BUILD!) log4j.dtd is just not in the bin directory. I'm going to file this as a bug separately.

In the mean time, any clues would be wonderfuly helpfull.


Perhaps you could post the source code somewhere? Start a new Sourceforge project?