Sidebar Windows are always pinned


it seems to me in the latest version of IDEA 15 (143.379.11) the tool windows in the sidebar are always pinned. I have Idea 14.1.4 installed and if you unpin a window, it will slide back into the sidebar as soon as you click into the editor window. In the lastest version of Idea 15 you have to click the hide button to make the window slide back.

As a side note: it's broken in the lastest EAP of AppCode as well.

It did a quick search in YouTrack but could not find an issue. Can someone confirm the problem or provide a youtrack issue link?

Edit: I'm using OSX 10.11.1 and the custom JDK bundled versions.



This is still an issue in the latets RC2. I am using the Linux version.

Please fix this ASAP as it's the major reason why I cannot move up to the latest version. Should be easy to find out & fix as it was introduced 3 releases ago, first one after 143.116.

It is extremly frustrating when the windows don't hide themself as they are supposed to.

Thanks & Keep up the great work!