where did the checkboxes for replace options go?


Formerly, on replace, you got a really useful set of checkboxes for regex, preserve case and so on.
I use and change these a lot.
Now the options are all relegated to a settings drop-down menu with no obvious way of putting them back.
Anyone who wants to select or change more than one of these options has to keep going back to the menu - which is a real nuisance - far more clicking than before.
For example, I wish to change from regex to preserve case and Words. Now I have to click on the menu 3 times and check the corresponding menu items.
Also, by making the options invisible you make it harder for the user to reliase that all these options exist.

And what have you achieved by the change?
On my screen, next to those replace options I now have a big grey empty space.

At least give me the option of having it like it used to be, if you introduce these retrograde steps.


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Was also looking for this:  How do you turn "Preserve Case" on?




michael ussher it's the A>A just underneath your arrow


The options are all there, just transformed to togglable icons instead of checkboxes.

See this help page for more information on how to manage your search process.


tim pigden Thanks, so it is.


Arina Efremova Thanks.  Think I like the checkboxes better. Quicker to understand.