Java Compact Profiles support

I see that Java compact profiles support was added in 13.1.3 via IDEA-123994. However, I'm not seeing how to configure IntelliJ IDEA to use a compact profile (other than at compile time by adding -profile compact2 to the "Additional command line parameters" option). However this setting does not affect code completion, suggestions, and such and therefore makes JDK classes not in a compact profile still appear to be valid. Is there a way to configure IntelliJ IDEA so its code completion, suggestions, and such are limited to a specific compact profile?

I was able to somewhat do this by hacking a JDK definition by replacing the  rt.jar, jce.jar, jsse.jar, resources.jar and sunjce_provider.jar files with ones creatted via the Oracle jrecreate tool. But this seems cumbersome and brittle. And ultimately I want to be able to turn on compact profile support in a plug-in (in its project wizard). So how do you configure such?


jrecreate tool approach seems to be the only way to get it working as you like right now.

If you need GUI/wizard support for this, please submit a request at .