Is the maven tab broken in the latest EAP?

The latest EAP appears to have broken the maven tab.

It no longer shows the artifacts' names in the maven tab, but shows their artifactIds instead.

Is there a new config option that I'm missing? Or is it just broken?

I'm using EAP idea-IU-130.1179.




It's a feature. See There is option 'Always show artifactId' it's enabled by default.
Do you think that that option should be disabled by default?


I assert that your feature is a bug because it changes long established behavior without warning. An option is fine, but an *option* it must be. And by default, it should probably be turned off so that the long established behavior does not appear to have changed without warning.

PS - I can find no such option to modify. Where should I be looking?


Thank you!

I forgot about that menu, was expecting to see it in the Maven project settings.

PS - I still think it is a bug to change behavior on existing (already configured) projects without warning.