Applying unified patches

I've been using IntelliJ for awhile now but today was the first I've attempted apply patches with it :)

It seems that when a directory is mapped or all directories are removed so that current directory is the one that contains all the files I only see one file being patched in the list. Additionally I've tried filtering a patch before handing it off to intellij to make it happy but still I get the end result of only the first file in the patch showing up in the list

Eight files as part of the patch all in the same directory. Applying patch results in the first file being recognized. Tried various combinations of mapping directory, stripping directories and providing a patch with only one level.

Using the patch command works as intended but what I would like is for a merge from the patch that results in a conflict be able to use IntelliJ's merge but this doesn't get picked up when done outside of IntelliJ so just gives me a diff with the conflict markers.


Hi Samuel,

  1. What vcs do you use?
  2. Do you create a patch via the ide?
  3. Could you provide a sample files set before (say, a *.zip archive) and a patch, will check it locally;



How does one go about applying patch? Can anyone provide a tutorial here?

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