JavaFX css support without JavaFX Application

Hi all.

I'm very pleased to see some support for JavaFX in 12.1. I have a project that uses JavaFX but it is not a IDEA "JavaFX Application". I think for this reason IDEA is not providing JavaFX css support when I view my css files.

Is there a way to add JavaFX css support (such as adding a JavaFX facet) or does it have to be a JavaFX application?

Thanks, Nick.


Hi Nick,

JavaFX CSS support is available only in Ultimate edition as it is based on common CSS support which is avialable only there. Moreover the feature is new and available only in the latest 12.1 EAP. What build do you use and what you expect to work and it doesn't work?


Hi Anna.

Yes, that explains it. At home (where I use JavaFX) I'm using the community edition.

Thanks for the info,