Leda: changesets disappear after git commit

Great tool. Little problem: 123.23

I have changes organized into changesets.
Used to be, I'm pretty sure, that I could commit
a changeset without removing it.
Now if I commit an inactive changeset, it disappears.

Q: Can I configure a way out of this?


Please check your "Project Settings -> Version Control -> Confirmation ->
When empty changelist becomes inactive" setting.


That's a page I hadn't seen, thanks for the tip.
But, alas, it does not seem to do what I want.
My setting are indeed all to 'show options ..."
But my changeset is still removed, here is the scenario in a little more detail.

  1. Open a new changeset called, say,  'Removal test'.
  2. Touch some file, I used index.html
  3. It is added properly added to the change set.
  4. Make some other change set active.
  5. Commit 'Removal test'.
  6. It disappears from the list in the Changes panel without any warning.

It's a small issue but I do like to keep an eye on my changesets
as I work.