Intellij as possibly the most advanced Mac App AFA keyboarding / mnemonics

Mac is infamously keyboardist not-friendly.  However Intellij is AFAIK THE BEST Mac app at mitigating the pain.  It is the only Mac app of which I am aware that allows using the Option/Alt key to access mnemonics directly from the Menu Bar without resorting to the "Access the Menu Bar" keystrokes beforehand.

Now I admit to being a frequent complainer about Intellij bugs / shortcomings.  But the point is I keep coming back to IJ. Eclipse is not a competitor.  Thanks for paying attention to these small details that are not all that easy to remember/explain when queried whey we have strong (positive) feelings for IJ - even given its various quirks.

BTW: accessing the Menu Items using Option/ALT does require a modification to the Mac keyboard settings:  one needs to create a custom Input Source to disable "special characters" via Alt/Option. I will paste the contents of mine after I re-verify its correctness.


Actually it appears that the Mnemonics are not even using the Mac OS/X standard menu-ing. They appear to be using Java windowing primitives.  Notice in the screenshot below that the menus that I have accessed via the ALT/OPTION key are "living" within the Intellij window frame  - and not from the Top Menu Bar.    This is FINE -works GREAT!   (IOW please do not change (/break..) this behavior!)

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 3.12.01 PM.png


Help!  This does not seem to be working as 14.1.4 .. ??